What is The Difference Between Soft Washing & Pressure Washing?

If the presence of mold, paint or mildew, algae and stains are beyond the scope of scrubbing or common cleaning products then it’s probably the time to switch to pressure water. For surfaces that are more delicate, or ones with adhesives, gentle washing is the most effective way to create a shiny finish without harming delicate surfaces. The most durable of materials like concrete can be washed with pressure, sparkling condition.

Soft Washing

A soft wash includes specially designed low-pressure nozzles at an end washing gun. Soft washing is the use of an organic chemical that eliminates all biological components (pollen algae, mold dirt) along with other dirt, without harming your surfaces or harming your plants.

The soft washing process clean your surfaces like your deck, patio fence, siding or roof in a safe and thorough manner and effectively, but it also keeps the masonry and paint for longer.

Pressure Washing

Typically used for cleaning exterior tasks, a pressure washer cleanses by spraying water with a high PSI, which is much higher than the soft washer. Available in gas or electric models and pressure washers’ PSI used in a high-pressure washer can vary from 1300 to 3100 PSI. Similar to soft washing and pressure washing also makes use of cleaning chemicals to help remove dirt and grime. Some models, like soft washers, feature sprayers that modify the shape that the spray takes (and increase pressure or decrease it as needed).

The only areas of your house that you need to be able to pressure wash with maximum pressure (4000 psi) are those constructed from concrete. This can be done using the surface cleaner which disperses pressure using two sprayers.

Soft Washing and. Pressure washing: Which one is better?

It is important to decide whether you want to wash softly or pressure wash based on the type of surface you’ll need to get rid of.¬†Although it’s highly effective, the power of pressure washing could cause damage to many surfaces.

Can Withstand Pressure Washing

  • Concrete driveways (3000psi or less)
  • Treated wooden decks (800psi or less)
  • Vehicles (800 psi or less)

Better for Soft Washing

  • Vinyl, cedar shake, or wood panel siding
  • Roofs
  • Paver, brick and tile
  • Stucco


Pressure washing as well as soft washing can be performed using commercial pressure washers and should be used for all tasks. If you want to wash softly commercial washer, it will effectively distribute and dilute cleaning fluids prior to rinse and apply the right volume-to-pressure ratio on the proper surfaces.

Because professionals employ the same equipment to perform both processes and the prices for both processes are the same regardless of whether you’re hiring an expert or using the nozzle in yourself. If you’re in need of professional services Do not be afraid to contact Sikes Pressure Cleaning.

What is Pressure Washing?