What Is Pressure Washing?

The process of pressure washing can be described as a cleansing method that utilizes water that is pumped through a high-pressure spray. The water’s force can effectively eliminate stubborn dirt like grime, mold, algae and gum, and even paint off surfaces. While pressurized water can take away dirt, it typically requires the appropriate detergent for thorough cleaning.

Types of Pressure Washers

There are four major kinds of pressure washers available on the market in the present. Let’s take them apart below:

Hot Water

Pressure washers with hot water can reach 311 degrees Fahrenheit. This is much hotter than 140-degree temperature which cold-water pressure washers are able to achieve. Cleaning using hot water tends to be more efficient than using cold water to clean particularly with regard to grease and oil.

Cold Water

It’s the most widely utilized type of pressure washer since it’s simple to use and also the most affordable among the options. Although a cold-water-based pressure washer can pack some punch, it’s typically employed by the average person and commercial pressure washing businesses preferring more powerful models.


Pressure washers that run on gas are much more effective than those running by electricity. They’re typically used for high-end tasks. While gas-powered pressure washers can be more efficient and portable over electric pressure washers the fumes and noise they emit could be a nuisance to certain individuals.


Electric pressure washers are powered by (you guessed it) electricity. This kind one is popular with homeowners because it’s simple, lightweight and less expensive than the gas-powered version.

Pressure Washing vs Traditional Cleaning Methods

It’s common to be uneasy about pressure washing, particularly if you haven’t experienced it in action. However, when compared to washing your hands with water and soap pressure washing comes with a lot of advantages. What advantages can pressure washing offer over conventional cleaning methods?

More Effective

Pressure washing is much more effective in cleansing surfaces, than washing them with only soap and water. Because of the extra pressure, the stubborn dirt and grime can easily be eliminated. You can also adjust the level of pressure based on the type of surface and material you’re cleansing.

Pressure washing is a great option. You do not have to sit for endless hours cleaning uncompromising dirt off your exterior siding or walls. Simply relax while the pressure washer does its magic.

More Time-Efficient

Traditional methods of cleaning take a lot longer as compared to pressure cleaning, particularly when you need to wash off stains and dirt. Since pressure washing eliminates the necessity for elbow grease, you can finish the task in much shorter amounts of time.

Smart Use of Water

The most common misconception people are aware of regarding pressure washing is the fact that it consumes excessive amounts of water. Actually, pressure washers use less water to wash surfaces than traditional cleaning methods.

Pressure washers depend more on the pressure rather than the quantity of water needed to clean surfaces. The pressure allows for quick cleaning of dirt and grime without the need to scrub or rinse the same area repeatedly. If you are looking to save water during cleaning use pressure washing.

The Best Pressure Washing Services

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