Visiting Aqueduct Park

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The Rae’s Creek Aqueduct is a unique pre-Civil War structure located in Augusta. The aqueduct, which is now part of the Augusta Canal National Heritage Area Park, fascinates visitors due to its beautiful stone arches, rock outcrops, and the rushing waters from one of Augusta’s best waterfalls.

What should you know?

The aqueduct, which is now part of the Augusta Canal National Heritage Area Park, captivates visitors with its ancient stone arches and rocky outcrops, as well as the rushing waters from one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Savannah River Valley.

Rea’s Creek was a major obstacle to the construction of the Augusta Canal in 1845-1846. The canal’s planned route was cut by the rushing stream. This caused major engineering problems. It was decided to build the canal over the creek.

Wood was used to build the first aqueduct. It was built across the ravine where the creek ran and carried the water of the canal over Rea’s Creek in a unique crossing between two rivers.

The wood-aqueduct was a poor idea. The water pressure was too much for the timbers to withstand.

They began to leak and eventually failed after a few years. The aqueduct began to leak, and engineers looked again at it in the hope of finding a solution. This solution led to the beautiful stone structure that still exists today.

Friendly for Kids and Pups

The park includes a 19th century granite aqueduct and a waterfall. It also offers rock climbing, and swimming. This cool spot is great for kids and can be accessed by swimming & wading. However, the rocks can be slippery, so the park recommend bringing water shoes.

How to get there?

The Aqueduct Park can be accessed from the Augusta Canal, near the Lake Olmstead Trailhead. You will find it along the Mill Village Trail. In case you are from Sikes Pressure Washing, we have included a Google Pin.

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