Use Sustainable Soft Washing to Make Your Brick Homes Look Brand-new

For many homeowners who reside in stunning brick homes that have beautiful shades of red or brown brick, preserving the stunning beauty of their homes can be advantageous to not just the appearance of their properties as well as their home’s overall value too. As time passes, bricks start to appear worn, dirty, filthy and show the wear and tear. When this happens, often homeowners turn to cleaning their homes with power washers because they believe it’s the best way to prolong the life of their house and its value for resales.

However, we do not suggest cleaning your bricks with power because brick is porous and not waterproof. It means that bricks are able to easily hold water. If water is retained, the brick could be damaged and decay over time. And the damaged brick may chip or even start to recede.

With Gentle Washing, Restore Your Old Bricks

If your brick residence has begun to appear weathered and old, and is losing its curb appeal, then you must ensure that you pick a sustainable method of washing your home. It is advisable to use soft wash as the best choice for cleaning your brick home. Brick is without doubt one of the most durable materials for exteriors of homes that is available. But the team of Sikes Pressure Washing wants all our clients to know that even though it’s the strongest of materials, cleaning and washing the exterior of a brick home is a very delicate task overall.

Although power washing is the preferred method of cleaning the typical home due to its capability to eliminate layers of dirt and debris and restore the appearance of a house back to its original state by soft cleaning, a brick house is actually focusing on the primary cause and origin of all particles and microbes that accumulate on the brick’s surface. The process of soft cleaning is based on making use of natural cleaning agents which dissolve the contaminants on the brick’s surface. With a wash that has low in pressure, you will be able to eliminate the pollutants using gentle washing effortlessly and effectively.

The Experts You Can Rely On

At Sikes Pressure Washing, our team of highly skilled and knowledgeable technicians has a firm determination to provide our clients with best quality of services available across the state. When you trust our specialists, be assured we won’t leave you with a house that’s discolored, dingy or lacking curb appeal. If you own a brick house, the effects of soft washing can last 8 to 10 % longer than standard pressure washing. This is due to the fact that it makes the brick more durable instead of prone to damage from the surface. For all of your power and pressure needs, as well as soft washing needs, don’t forget to call us. We’ll be happy if you do!

What is The Difference Between Soft Washing & Pressure Washing?