Spring Cleaning: Be Sure to Include Pressure Washing

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Pressure washing makes it easy to transition from winter into spring with its powerful blasts. Pressure washing is an affordable and effective cleaning method for spring cleaning that leaves your property clean, refreshed, and safe.

What do you gain from pressure washing?

1. A healthy environment

Variable temperatures and winter’s ravages expose buildings to dirt, mold, grime, grit, and other harmful elements. Spring also brings with it its own set of allergens like pollen, bird droppings and pollution, which can cause itchy eyes and stuffy noses. The blasts of a pressure washer remove all this, leaving your home clean and safe.

2. Professional yet affordable services

Spring cleaning can be a time-consuming and back-breaking task that involves decluttering and scrubbing your home. It’s surprising that a single professional cleaning crew can do the same job in a matter of hours. This is a huge difference from what would take weeks or even months.

3. Maintaining your property

Your property and exterior will look dirty, unattractive, and neglected due to the effects of mold, dampness, dust, bird droppings and mildew. This can lead to expensive repairs and maintenance. The exteriors and buildings will look fresh and appealing by pressure washing. This increases the property’s commercial value and decreases maintenance costs like repainting or repair due to weather damage.

What Can Be Cleaned by Pressure Washing

A pressure washer can be modified to adjust the pressure, making it versatile and easy to clean various surfaces. Low pressure is ideal for cleaning windows, vinyl siding and painted trim.

The increased pressure cleans driveways and pool decks as well as sidewalks and curbs. It also flushes your downspouts and walls. It can reach all areas, no matter how high or low.

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