Pendleton King Park: An Overview

The Pendleton King Park is a sanctuary for birds that has immense topographic diversity that includes the pine forests, sand ridges and marshes. This park is donated by King Family and is administered through the Augusta Richmond County Recreation and Parks Department. It is situated in the center of Augusta and is home to a wide array of natural resources and gardens. PKP provides a variety of recreation, like new playgrounds including an 18-hole disc-golf course as well as nature trails for cycling and walking as well as cross-country trails, the historical Bugg graveyard, a tree-based educational trail as well as the off-leash dog park, and open areas to picnic and play. The kiosk provides plans of the parks, park info and history about the King Family, as well as upcoming activities.

Park Gardens

The Azalea Walk

Go for a stroll through The Arboretum as well as the Camellia Garden across a line of azalea species ranging from native deciduous variations, to indicas and kurumes.

The pathway from the Azalea Walk takes you to a gorgeous pavilion that offers a view of trees that are marked to identify. The Arboretum includes trees that can be planted in the Augusta region. The first Arboretum located in Augusta was launched in 1987. In the near future, the phase II development will take place on the wetland area. All the trees in the Arboretum were given in honor to commemorate people or organizations. The lawn was planted with seeds to provide the Arboretum the appearance of an Old English theme.

The Camellia Gardens

The two Camellia Gardens have a huge range of camellias. Many of which were created in the famed Fruitland Nursery, now home to the Augusta National Golf Course. This Walter Wilson Camellia Garden was inaugurated on October 16, 1991. It was named after the late Mr. Wilson was a charter member of the American Camellia Society. He was the one who conceived and titled more than 25 camellias, planted several of them in the Wilson Garden and registered nearly all of the naming his camellias to his friends and family. He left the community a legacy of beauty that will continue to grow and be honored.

The Sunken Blue Gardens

The Blue Garden was originally developed by John Pendleton King, II. He was a poet and writer. Pendleton also loved creating plant material that blossomed in blue.

The garden has been rehabilitated with plants and flowers which display a variety of shades of blue. In addition, the Green Court Garden Club has taken over this garden, which continues to honor King’s love for the blue color in the garden. The formal garden is adorned with an elaborate urn filled with blue blooms during the season which creates a stunning centerpiece.

The Hydrangea Gardens

In 2004, a group made up of gardeners who were volunteers began construction of an extensive new hydrangea plantation. In collaboration together with Augusta Public Services, Trees and Landscaping Department the plan was developed, and the hydrangea plantation began to develop.

Over the course of three years, volunteers raised money by digging up hydrangeas left by Augustans and solicited the purchase of hydrangeas from local nurseries and received all the information they could about growing the hydrangeas. More volunteers joined in the organization, while the garden was opened to the community through the hydrangea festival, which included talks, displays and walks.

The Touch & Smell Garden

The Touch and Smell Garden was created in the hands of Roger Davis, local landscape architect, and built in the 1970s, with the help from the Sandhills Garden Club. It was intended to be an outdoor learning space to teach and research herbs using sensorial perceptions through touching and smelling existing plant material. To distinguish between different varieties of plants, visitors could clean thier hands with the pool for a clean scent before touching another plant for identification. The garden is adorned with a stunning fountain and sculptures of the four seasons. The main focus of the garden is its fragrance and accessibility for disabled visitors. It is a very popular location for receptions and weddings.

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