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Soft Washing for your home

Sikes Pressure Washing is the highest rated house Soft Washing Service in Augusta. When they are young, boys scouts are taught that moss grows on northern side of the tree. While it’s beautiful at the natural level, it’s difficult to love when it’s growing on the exterior of your home. In general, the most popular method of treating algae is to vigorously scrub using the use of a soapy brush or high-pressure washer. This is usually a quick solution, but it does not stop algae from coming back.

Is your house covered with green stuff or dirt & pollen? Your home is among the largest investments you’ll make, and it’s vital to ensure it’s taken good care of. A simple house washing will dramatically improve the appearance of your house and boost its value up to $10,000 in the estimation of the National Association of Realtors!

Our team of experts in house washing utilize their expertise and knowledge to restore your home to its former glory employing our tested and proven soft washing process. When you opt for soft washing over pressure washing, that makes sure that there is no damage to the exterior of your home or the surrounding landscaping.

Three Reasons to Soft Wash your Home

Your home must be spotless and beautiful. And there’s no better method of keeping it gorgeous and clean as you can than by using a pressure washer. There is only one issue with pressure washing & that is the pressure.

The components of your home are delicate and a pressure wash could damage them and then blast them away prior to to cleaning them. Therefore, a pressure wash could be too harsh for certain areas of your home which could cause you to ask the “What can I do to clean my home safely?”

The solution is easy: have it soft washed! A soft wash will cleanse your home using only a little pressure, allowing it to appear great, without causing any damage. With a soft wash, you and your home will enjoy many amazing benefits without having to worry about harm for your house!


Longer Lifespan 

As organic growths start to grow your house do will more than just appear ugly. The exterior components like the siding and roof are also likely to age faster due to the algae, bacteria, and moss that may develop. Paint will almost always deteriorate quicker with growth on it. Not to mention create uneven oxidation.

If the growths make your home look unclean and decrease its lifespan you should consider a professional soft washing.

Healthy Home 

 The above-mentioned issues may affect not just the health of your home but also your own. If algae and mold develop on the exterior of your house and interior, you’ll take in the toxins every time you’re in your house and this constant exposure could lead to illnesses.

Your home ought to be the safest, most healthy environment for you. If growths that are unhealthy make your home unfit to be around, you should call for a professional soft-wash. A  soft washing will clear off those growths and keep you healthy.

Higher Curb Appeal

It is also important to keep your home looking beautiful, particularly if you’ll eventually want to sell your home. In the end, nothing can sell a house like the curb appeal.

For the most attractive curb appeal, you should get a soft washing . While those ugly growths and discolorations that are not attractive and such are cleaned away, your house will instantly gain its curb appeal back. With a beautiful home, you’ll be able to get a better curb appeal to ensure that your home is as attractive and valuable as it can be.

How Do I Keep My House Clean In The Future ?

Unfortunately, your siding will become dirty once more due to mother natures never ending winds that carry pollen, dirt, and bacteria.  Keeping your trees trimmed away from the home, making sure the area drains well, using gravel or concrete near the foundation vs dirt, and keeping organic matter away from the house will be your best options to slow down any future growth.

It’s good to know that many such “Augusta house washing companies” are nothing more than handymen, painting companies, or other poorly trained people trying to learn the business of cleaning homes. Their mistakes are often at the homeowners expense!

We are Sikes Pressure Washing of Augusta GA

We didn’t become the number one House Washing Company in Augusta, Georgia by doing it wrong, causing damage to customers’ siding, or taking advantage of people.

Our manufacturer-approved, House Washing methods are the best for your siding, and also the longest-lasting.

Contrary to the invasive, damaging Pressure Washing methods, We use non-pressure Siding Cleaning techniques that eliminate the Algae, Mold, Moss, or Mildew that are damaging or leaving an eye sore on your home.