All About the Brick Pond Park

Brick Pond Park is a forty-acre wetland which has been restored and is an effective stormwater treatment system. It was designed to eliminate contaminants from stormwater runoff that enters the ponds, and also to enhance the ecosystem. Prior to the restoration process, the system was in disconnection and there was little or no oxygen present in the water. The ponds were brimming with over-nutrients, industrial waste and dying trees. There was not any vegetation in the wetland also. Aquatic species were virtually absent, but semi-aquatic animals such as reptiles and amphibians were still found across the whole system.

Park History

In the 1960s, the area in which the park is situated was an industrial zone. Brick producers oil companies, brick makers, and other businesses established camps on the riverfront. In the past, the Savannah River and nearby railroads were a primary transport route. After several floods industry owners decided to leave the property in favor of better ground.

In the latter part of 1990, a plan was formulated to connect the residents in the area with our river front. A major part of that plan was restoration of the wetlands and the creation of our beautiful Brick Pond Park. The clay pits dug by miners had morphed into a type of wetland that was in a very poor state. There was no aquatic life and a low level of oxygen levels within the waters. The wetlands needed to be restored after having been used to store industrial waste and debris and flooding with stormwater that was polluted for many years.

The City of North Augusta and collaborators acted as one to create an ecologically healthy ecosystem in the park, and also provide the means to eliminate the water that flows into the ponds. Construction of Brick Pond Park was the result.

Stay Alert!

Snakes, alligators and snakes with venom are found within the area, so be on guard and stay clear from the pool always. Be attentive to your pet and children to ensure that everyone is secure and is enjoying the nature park. Make sure you give the wildlife space to roam and do not throw anything or shout at them, be aggressive towards, or disturb them in any manner. Don’t feed wildlife at the park! If an alligator gets fed and then becomes used to human beings, it could consider humans as food, and the animal’s behavior could alter. It is unlawful to feed waterfowl and wildlife in any park of the city of North Augusta. Fines as high as $500.00 may be assessed.

Park Rules

  • Don’t provide food to wildlife.
  • Only take pictures and leave footprints only.
  • Be sure to stay out of the water always.
  • The dog must be leash-free.
  • Don’t drive on trails.
  • Only park in designated areas.
  • Be aware of the surroundings.
  • Always ensure that children are kept close and off the trails.
  • Other rules can apply based on the weather, conditions and even the specific circumstances. Make use of your judgement and common sense to remain secure and take advantage of the park.

What to Do

  • Walking, biking or running tests
  • Wildlife Viewing Pavilion in East Pond
  • Fishing Dock on West Pond
  • Waterfalls in Constructed Wetland
  • Benches and Picnic Table
  • Paddle boating, canoeing, or row boats
  • Toilets can be found in the City Parking Deck
  • Information kiosks are located all through the park

Discovering the Lovely Living History Park

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