About Us

Sikes Pressure Washing

Sikes Pressure Washing was founded in 2018, we are owned and operated by a Sergeant for a local Fire Department who has served this community for nearly a decade.

As a Christian company, Sikes Pressure Washing takes pride in serving our customers while delivering excellent cleaning services for the exteriors of commercial and residential properties.

The Reason Sikes Pressure Washing was founded:

As a Firefighter/AEMT I am away from my family for 24+ hours at a time. Being a Firefighter is a calling for me, and not just a job. Unfortunately this profession doesn’t have a high salary. In order to care for my growing family I had to supplement my income. This forced me to spend more time working than enjoying the precious reasons I was working for. When I started Sikes Pressure Washing, I was working as a Firefighter, working on an ambulance, and an EMT for a factory. I was working 120+ hours a week.

I woke up after a 48 hour shift and decided that I needed to focus more on my family than working. I started with nothing more than a dream and a $200 pressure washer. After starting we have grown quite a bit and have state of the art equipment. I love running a pressure washing company to help others maintain their largest investment (home). There is something therapeutic in renewing a home/property to like new condition.

Today Sikes Pressure Washing has Commercial accounts, handles Property Management Portfolios, and Residential accounts with state of the art cleaning technology safe for historical structures and vegetation.

Focusing on customer needs and service makes our customer feel like family.

Our company continues to educate ourselves with the most up to date training available utilizing the proper techniques to reduce the possibility for property damages. Part of our company culture is property protection. This is achieved through taping and covering all electrical outlets, locks, and a multitude of other precautions. In the unlikely event that damage does occur we are fully licensed and insured.

Our Technicians strive to bring 100% satisfaction for every customer.