A Walk Through the Butt Memorial Bridge

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The Butt Memorial Bridge is a bridge on the road located in Augusta, Georgia which connects 15th Street to the Augusta Canal. This bridge was dedicated in memory of Major Archibald William Butt who was born in Augusta. Also, he was one of the victims from the RMS Titanic’s sinking. The bridge was built in 1914 and was dedicated by the president William Howard Taft who was a close acquaintance of the Butts.

It is noteworthy that this bridge was the very first memorial to be built to commemorate for the Titanic tragedy and is still in use as the only monument in Georgia that is dedicated to the tragedy. The bridge is constructed from stone and has four pillars that are topped by bronze-banded globes that are positioned over electric lighting. The four lions, with their plaques decorate the sides and ends of the bridge. Meanwhile, lighting is strung across from one side that spans the bridge and the next. A memorial plaque is situated at the middle of the bridge devoted to the memory of Butt.

The bridge was developed in the hands of William Henry Deacy, architect and Nisbet Wingfield Civil engineer. The bridge was constructed by the W. W. Leland Company.

Butt Memorial Bridge Restoration

The work involved replacing the bridge decking and bike lanes on each side of the roadway, and renovating and replacing parts of the historic components, including the lighting. Contractors collaborated closely together with Historic Augusta to make sure that the historic look of the bridge was preserved. It was reported that the Augusta Canal was dug in May of 2016 and was drained at the gates to the bulkhead near Lake Olmstead to allow for work to be completed on the bridge.

The bridge was inaugurated on the 15th of April in 1914 to commemorate Archibald Butt, a native of Augusta. Butt was a soldier and close advisor of Taft, President William Howard Taft, who died on the Titanic in 1912. The witnesses said that he died on the ship with the other passengers after he gave up his seat in the lifeboat to children and women.

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